Mith Albom Libraries for Philippines

4 months ago the eastern part of my country was devastated by a super typhoon Yolanda, it leaves people homeless, many have lost their lives, many suffered from the loss and hunger. Watching these news everyday makes my heart sink you'll hear the agony of the people who lost a loved one, the cry of the children begging for food, the people who just lost a shelter that didn't save a single peso and they didn't know which way to start and yet our government didn't do their full effort to help them. I'm glad that many international helps have came, lots of non-government organizations, families, schools and universities have donated some money and relief goods enough to know that a single family will survive for a day.

The recent help we've got was from Mitch Albom author of Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and For One More Day. Mitch Albom made a great influence in my life especially after reading a few of his novels and I'm crying the whole time while watching the video because I saw the hope on the face of these children that Mitch Albom gave. Mith Albon is an inspiration for me and so for these children and he will keep inspiring more. Thank you Sir!

Percy Jackson New Cover

Say What? Our beloved Percy Jackson and the Olympians series had already a new covers!

I just found this news on Tiernan's channel: TheBookTuber on Youtube the day before the first cover reveal, I'm super excited at first and skeptical at the same time because the existing US covers are good but Rick Riordan quoted "WOW" on one of his tweets and it was made by the same artist so why worry?
The covers are revealed on Percy Jackson Facebook page from Feb. 17 to 21 one book per day. Yes waiting is annoying but when the covers are revealed gods forgive me I'm gonna say goodbye to my old one.

Awesome isn't it? And yes the covers are all connected. Are you with the old covers or the new one? Which cover looks best? I'm with the 4th one just look at Kronos there.

Oh My New Blog Name Changed (Again)

Have you ever tried to change your blog name? Or the thought has just passed into your mind and shook it off and stick to your original? Well not me, I tried but it didn't work.

Year 2012 when I discovered about the goodness of Goodreads, I was browsing on Google about book recommendations and Goodreads just came out on my screen, by wonders of it I got fascinated, from then I listed my first book, added some good folks to be my friends, checked their profile and the awesomeness of the books they've red, visit the link that leads to their blog, from that came a spark of thought that book blogging is possible. August that year that I decided to make a blog and Book 'n the Geek was born.

2013 came and I visit so many uniquely named blogs that I noticed that book and geek was the most common term for a book blog name. So Google can I change my blog name? Yes. Without losing my previous posts? Yes. Ok let me think, since I want my readers to be introduced to my reviews how 'bout Let Me Introduce You?

first button and header logo

recently made button and header logo

(I invested so much time to made these buttons)

New Year New Life Blog Name. I really love the name Let Me Introduce You to keep it for a year, but I just thought of something new and interesting, aside from book reviews and showing the books that I've got It'd be a great blogging experience if I will transform my blog into a book related life blogging just like some blogs that found it very enjoyable.

From Let Me Introduce You to Oh My Francis. This name was originally my Instagram Username greatly influenced by some Vloggers on Youtube that has their names on their channel names just like Jessiethereader or ReadingwithJack. And I think it's a better idea to change my blog name with my name so it fits to what I plan my blog to be, and hopefully I will do my very best to stick on this blog name forever.

To Quit or Not To Quit? + Late Bookish New Year's Resolution


The day after the year ended I was thinking of not to blog anymore, I used the whole month of January to think and decide about it that's the reason why I haven't posted my books resolution for this year I also haven't joined any book challenges 'cause I feel like quitting and I don't know why. Weeks have passed and I still don't have a good reason to quit, so screw it I'M GOING BACK!

First thing first. My New Year's Resolution. I know it's too late but it troubles me every time I think about it.

As usual just like the other year I will post something whenever I feel to, 2 to 3 posts per month is such an achievement.
I will do my very best to visit these blogs that I owe so much at least twice a week to keep in touch with them.
I'll read at least 2 to 3 books a month.
I'll post a review of the books that I enjoyed and haven't posted a review of it.
I will review at least 2 books per month. (as usual)
I really really want to join the TBR Challenge 'cause I have a huge problem on my TBR right now but signing in was already closed, so I guess Goodreads challenge is the only one left (I did well on this last year). 

And the most important is:
Aside from stacking the shelves and book reviews which consist mostly of my blog. I will finally be more active to post my book related life, so this blog will now be my own personal book blogging life, one of the reason why I changed my blog name again which I will discuss more on my next post.

Last but not the least:

I feel it that this year will gonna be a great blogging experience. Yay I miss blogging!

Best of 2013: TOP 10 Books of the Year

Before this year ends I'd like to say thank you for you! Yes you! Thank you for being here. Thank you also for every blogger I've met, gave me free books, and had a chance to chat with. Thank you for great authors whom books inspired me a lot. To my parents all my thankfulness goes to both of them. And specially to my Great Friend in heaven for protecting me all these years and keeping me alive to read more books.

Few more hours and the new year countdown will begin. But before that I will have my own countdown on the greatest books that I have red this year. 

Special Mention

TOP 10

5. Gone

4. Eon

May be you're wondering why I didn't include my reasons on why these books made it to my list, it's because I can't find the best simple word to describe them with the exception of above awesome. What book made it to your list? Comment below and leave a link to your Top 10.
Happy New Year!