Best of 2013: TOP 10 Books of the Year

Before this year ends I'd like to say thank you for you! Yes you! Thank you for being here. Thank you also for every blogger I've met, gave me free books, and had a chance to chat with. Thank you for great authors whom books inspired me a lot. To my parents all my thankfulness goes to both of them. And specially to my Great Friend in heaven for protecting me all these years and keeping me alive to read more books.

Few more hours and the new year countdown will begin. But before that I will have my own countdown on the greatest books that I have red this year. 

Special Mention

TOP 10

5. Gone

4. Eon

May be you're wondering why I didn't include my reasons on why these books made it to my list, it's because I can't find the best simple word to describe them with the exception of above awesome. What book made it to your list? Comment below and leave a link to your Top 10.
Happy New Year!