Percy Jackson New Cover

Say What? Our beloved Percy Jackson and the Olympians series had already a new covers!

I just found this news on Tiernan's channel: TheBookTuber on Youtube the day before the first cover reveal, I'm super excited at first and skeptical at the same time because the existing US covers are good but Rick Riordan quoted "WOW" on one of his tweets and it was made by the same artist so why worry?
The covers are revealed on Percy Jackson Facebook page from Feb. 17 to 21 one book per day. Yes waiting is annoying but when the covers are revealed gods forgive me I'm gonna say goodbye to my old one.

Awesome isn't it? And yes the covers are all connected. Are you with the old covers or the new one? Which cover looks best? I'm with the 4th one just look at Kronos there.


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