Books to Movies #2: Life of Pi

Here's my 2nd BTM. In this I'll feature a movie adaptation from a book and I'll just give it my thoughts not the review thing. Ok, just to make it clear I am not reviewing a movie the way a movie critique did. So this time time it's Yann Martel's Life of Pi.

Title: Life of Pi
Director: Ang Lee
Book Author: Yann Martell
Release date: November 21, 2012

Life of Pi is a 2012 American 3D adventure drama film based on Yann Martel's 2001 novel of the same name. Directed by Ang Lee, the film is based on an adapted screenplay by David Magee, and stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, GĂ©rard Depardieu, Tabu, and Adil Hussain.

The storyline revolves around a 16-year old boy named Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel, who survives a shipwreck in which his family dies, and is stranded in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. The film had its worldwide premiere as the opening film of the 50th New York Film Festival at both the Walter Reade Theater and Alice Tully Hall in New York City on September 28, 2012.

Upon release, Life of Pi was met with favorable reviews and earned eleven Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Visual Effects, and Best Adapted Screenplay. It was also nominated for three Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture - Drama and Best Director.

Source: Wikipedia

Once there was this guy who was with his friends then one of his friends asked which among those movies who's worth the watch, then the guy said, let's try Life of Pi.

Ok you guessed that right, it was me and my friends, actually I was not expecting to watch a movie that time and I don't have a plan too. And what's more interesting is they all agreed to watch Life of Pi, they really have no idea what kind of movie that is, so I said (based on the trailer I saw) there was this ship with loads of zoo animals that sank somewhere and there was this boy who survives and got trapped in the middle of the ocean with a tiger, then I let them see the poster, and they seems like very interested so we bought a ticket right away. Another good thing it's a free seating so we watched it twice.

 Me with the poster I'm telling about

I haven't read a book, so I have no idea what was the other thing happened on the story except the boy that got trapped on a boat with a tiger. The movie, the story, it was excellent, the effects and the cinematography was jaw dropping. If I just had read the book.

I also found out that this has a religious theme, but it doesn't have a thought of changing your religion, it is a movie that gets you more closer to God. It was kind of funny that Pi has a multiple religion, there was a thought from his father that says believing in many gods could also mean you don't believe in anything (quite like that, that thought sank on my head, it's not exactly as it is but it has the same thought, I can't search the right word on Google).

"I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye."

And this is the scene that I cried, it feels so awkward to cry when you're with your friends, but never mind I always do that when we are watching a touchy film. It was the scene that they finally reached the land, and the tiger leave him, he was expecting for the tiger to say goodbye to him with just one look, but the tiger didn't, and he was crying like loosing the last piece of him, losing a friend, a family, he lost everything and the tiger is the last thing he have. (oh God I'm crying again, sorry for the spoiler).

This movie teaches us to be strong, emotionally and spiritually, no matter how hard the struggles that came to our life. If you haven't watched it, then I suggest you better have. So next time again on my next BTM.


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